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Migranorsk General


Migranorsk Allmenn
Provides all-round tuition in Norwegian and society-related topics. The programme has advanced functionality, but is nevertheless easy to use and does not require a high level of computer literacy. Migranorsk General consists of 6 courses that cover the contents of the national curriculum. The programme is available at levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 of The Common European Framework.

The content of the general section is based on approximately 20 social studies videos and 100 dramatized video stories using professional actors.The video clips play on humour, love, intrigue and drama. The video clips provide an introduction into both Norwegian language and culture and help to motivate students.

The videos can be used to practice listening to special sounds and words, and provide visual illustrations of colours, sizes, actions, movements and positions. We also make a point of focussing on body language and what is said "between the lines".

The videos have Norwegian, English, Russian and Somali subtitles. Each video clip is accompanied by interactive selv correcting exercises. There are several thousand exercises.

The modules are designed to have a natural grammatical progression. In addition, there is a separate grammar e-book that may be used as a reference work. Self-correcting grammar exercises are also included as a separate course.

The dictionary containing approximately 2000 words is available in Norwegian, English, Russian and Somali. It has multimedia functions and contains pictures, explanations and sound. The users can translate to and from their own mother tongue. Other internet based dictionaries can be used via links.

The programme's audio files allow you to listen to texts, record yourself and listen to your own pronunciation.

Users' exercise scores are logged and shown as a bar chart that can be retrieved by individual users.

Online post-it notes make it is easy to note down and retrieve pages with content that requires more detailed explanation, or if there is something particular that needs to be remembered.

Users are given tests and exercises when transferring between levels, and receive regular feedback on their progress and achievements.

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Basic alphabetization for minority language speakers with little or no formal education.

All-round language tuition with social studies. 

Courses designed for working life. 



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